About Us

Casereads is a content platform focused on sharing exciting and powerful case studies and stories across Marketing, Finance, Consulting, start-ups, etc. The content is original and is researched by business students and veterans specifically for the platform and the community.

We publish pieces every 2 days, the reason being simple. Good things take time.

We’re a team of folks who love reading and writing. We’ve been fortunate enough to host guest authors across 50+ Business schools. And, we’re currently home to 100+ well researched and rich pieces.

If you are interested in featuring your writing on the platform, please reach out to us at hi@casereads.com


1. Why do we have to head to the blog to read every piece?

We research each and every piece in depth. It is not possible to cover everything in a social media post. That is why we redirect or cover the entire story on the platform.

2. Do you want to read stories in way of cards?

We add card-based stories on Instagram, check us out: https://www.instagram.com/casereads_

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