The Hong Kong Protests and the recent Human rights erosion story

With this piece, we understand the reason behind the Hong Kong protests. An extradition bill was presented in Hong Kong by the Chinese…

There have been protests in Hong Kong where 10 million people out of a total population of 74 million Hong Kong were protesting against a very important Chinese decision. Hong Kong isn’t an independent country but a part of semi-autonomous China, which was leased by Britain to China for 99 years in 1997. It has been operating independently since the very beginning having its own rules, passport, and even currencies.

Recently, the Chinese government presented an extradition bill in Hong Kong. With the help of this bill, China can easily extradite criminal suspects from the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong to Mainland China. Since China is a non-democratic country, and everything is government-controlled including media news, people in Hong Kong fear that China might pose any charges against any person. Even after that, no information regarding ‘what happens with the suspect’ would be given.

What are the concerns of the protesters?

Protesters worry that the influence of the Chinese Government in their laws is jeopardizing their autonomy. They worry that Beijing will use the law to extradite political opponents and others to China where their legal protections cannot be guaranteed. If this law is passed, a lot of journalists who openly speak about the atrocities of the Chinese Government in Hong Kong will have their lives at stake. They could be arrested for wrong charges and then extradited to China. They see this as the death of the freedom of speech and the right to speak against the wrongdoings of the Government. Hence the proposed law must not be passed.

However, supporters of this change are of the opinion that these amendments are key to ensuring the city does not become a criminal refuge, although this has attracted a lot of criticism from around the world. Hong Kong residents are stating that they would like to be an independent territory and this unwarranted interruption into their laws must not be attempted.

What is the global reaction towards the protests?

Protests in Hong Kong are exposing China’s relentless campaign of Censorship, and the imprisonment of millions. Because of the continuous protests, business in the country has fallen by a drastic rate. The Chinese media has surprisingly blamed the US and the European Union, stating that – the foreign inference was the reason that Hong Kong is experiencing huge protests. They accused opponents of the city’s pro-Beijing government of “collusion with the West”.

The media claims that the protests (influenced by the west) are done keeping in mind the current US-China trade war to jeopardize the position of China in this war. Supporting Hong Kong, the global media supported the protesters stating the excess interference into the laws of Hong Kong by the Chinese Government was authoritative and must not be entertained.

The recent right’s concern

The Hong Kong police on Monday arrested Jimmy Lai on August 10th, 2020. the media tycoon and critic of the Chinese Communist Party, on charges of violating the territory’s new national security law, making him the most high-profile target of the sweeping legislation imposed by Beijing. Foreign ministers of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and US express concern over ‘the erosion of rights in Hong Kong’.

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