Top 8 Career Options After B.Com: What to do after B Com?

“What to do after B Com?” You’re probably here because you’re confused about the career options you could take after graduating from B.Com. Believe it or not, B.Com is one of the most popular Grad streams out there and you are not the only one who’s confused about what to do next, there are more people like you. And, via this post, our motivation is to help you explore the career choices you have post-B.Com.

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Anyway, let’s now take a look at the Career options you possibly have:


One of the most sought after (and sometimes, even overrated) Business programs of the country. It’s a 2-year program and does not mandate a specific required background. However, it is often said that the program is overrated and that the real value is only when you are able to get in one of the top 50 Business schools.

You can expect an average salary of 7-8 LPA post the program (depending on your Business school), it is important to note that if you are gunning for top 20 business schools, you will have to take various entrance exams like CAT, XAT, CET, etc. scoring no less than 99+ percentile.

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Should you do an MBA? Well, it depends on your plans for life. If you’d like to ask us if this is a right choice for you – get in touch by filling this form.

Digital Marketing

Surprising, but true. A lot of your colleagues will take this route given it allows for flexibility in tech related careers in the future. You can either become an entrepreneur here or find a job. But to be honest, this is a highly competitive space and pays too less in your early career.

A typical Digital marketeer may earn around 2-5 LPA with no prior experience. If you’re gunning to be an entrepreneur, you can make great amount of money provided you offer great service.

Should you do Digital Marketing? Well, it depends on your plans for life. If you’d like to ask us if this is a right choice for you – get in touch by filling this form.

CA (Chartered Accountancy)

Given you are from a commerce background; you possibly may have either heard about this or might have already attempted it. And honestly, this is one of the best career options after B.Com. This career option enables you to take your Finance + Business career to next level, while it is similar to an MBA, it is a little more technical than an MBA.

But the good part is that you can start pursuing CA right after your High school. It will take you close to 3 years to complete the entire program.

On an average you could earn close to what you would earn after an MBA, that is 7-8 LPA.

M.Com (Master of Commerce)

It may seem like a logical next step after your B.Com. But is it? This is a 2-year University PG program. The spec has a higher focus on core elements of Finance like accounting, banking, taxing, etc.

You can land a job of 3-4 LPA post your PG in this program

CS (Company Secretary)

If you’re thinking what to do after B com? This is probably where you can gun your efforts. CS is a 3-year long program with a focus on Finance + Legal elements type of role that you could take up post B.Com.

This is a 3-year long program that consists of 3 stages – Foundation, Intermediate and Finals. You can expect an average of 4-6 LPA.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

For a change, this is an International certification that is popular among corporate Finance enthusiasts. It’s 2.5-year program, but, bare in mind that it also requires a specific year of experience to obtain the final charter. The certification/charter will teach you technical + corporate aspects of Finance. A lot of corporate and International banks like J.P. Morgan and Chase, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock – place high emphasis on this charter.

You can expect an average of 6-7 LPA after you pass CFA L1, L2.

Should you do CFA? Well, it depends on your plans for life. If you’d like to ask us if this is a right choice for you – get in touch by filling this form.

FRM (Financial Risk Manager)

This is possibly the best risk career you could pursue. It is a proof of the fact that you have the most advanced knowledge of the risk situation in the current

environment. Your job as a risk manager will be to evaluate risk profile of an investment, understand trends and evaluate success/failure of that investment.

You can expect an average of 10-15 LPA

IB (Investment Banking)

This is a most sought-after role in Finance. Generally, the role is offered to a chosen few profile like CFA, MBA (Finance), CA, etc. The role is high paying and your work life balance goes for a toss. Being an investment banker, you can easily be executing multimillion-dollar deals after you achieve a certain level of experience.

It is also said that as an investment banker, your appraisals add another digit to your salary. You can expect a salary in the range of 10-18 LPA as an investment banker.

Apart from these career options, you can also look at careers in Stock trading, Financial modelling, Equity, and even Data Science. The skills you learned in B.Com can absolutely be leveraged in any of the previous specs as mentioned.

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